Dr. Amin Amali


Facial Plastic Surgeon

Associate Professor of Tehran University

Dr. Amin Amali's office

No.1 , Sanei Alley , Jahan Koodak , Jordan , Tehran , Iran

Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a facial cosmetic procedure, usually performed to enhance the appearance or reconstruct the nose. During rhinoplasty…

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Care before nose surgery

Avoid taking any unnecessary drug two weeks prior to surgery.
Discontinue medications such as aspirin, prophron, vitamin E two weeks before surgery…

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Care after nose surgery

After the surgery and transferring the patient from operating room to the section, use a water bottle of ice on the nose and under the eyes and continue for up to 48 hours. Then put a warm compress…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello doctor. can I injecting Botox at a young age?

Dr. Amali’s response:

Hi, since the lines appear on the face, Botox can be injected. Botox injections at an early age will  prevent deepening of the lines, because in some cases, due to the depth of the Botox lines alone, in some cases it will not be the same. Fill injection is required. Botox injections will prevent it from an earlier age.

Hello doctor, I am a swimming instructor. How long can I swim after nose surgery?

Dr. Amali’s response:

You can swim a month after surgery, but do not recommend dive.

Hello. I wanted to ask if there was a deviation in the nose that could be one of the reasons for sneezing and over-capping?

Dr. Amali’s response:

No, alternate sneezes are usually due to allergies. Nasal deviation does not lead to sneezing.

Hello. How long after nose surgery can not exercise?

Dr. Amali’s response:

After a month, you can do light exercises.

How long after nose surgery can I get pregnant?

Dr. Amali’s response:

After nose surgery, there is no Prohibition for pregnancy, but it is recommended that three months after surgery to reduce the swelling of the nose as the process of pregnancy leads to swelling.

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