Chin and Cheek prosthesis

What is Chin prosthesis (mentoplasty)?

Chin is one of the facial features that has a remarkable effect on the balance and beauty of the face. The use of chin prosthesis is a simple yet very effective way of creating a fit between the chin and other facial features, especially nasal. In addition, it makes your chin look more beautiful and desirable.

Chin prostheses are often made of hard silicon and have different shapes and sizes. Because of your chin prosthesis, they can make your chin sharper to make your face look more masculine, or narrower to make it more feminine.


What Chin prosthesis can do?

People with back chin, chin prosthesis can pull the chin forward.

– In cases where the chin has lost its symmetry or has been defective for various reasons, chin prosthesis is a good solution.

– In terms of aesthetic aspects, the chin prosthesis can bring a fitting look that suits your taste.


Recovery after chin prosthesis

Chin prosthesis is implanted with local anesthetic under sterile conditions. Chest pain and bruises are normal after 1 to 2 weeks. The effect of the prosthesis is permanent and does not change over time.

The replacement of the chin prosthesis is a genioplasty that is performed by osteotomy and displacement of the chin area and fixing it by screw and plaque. This surgery has great results and in addition to raising the chin, it is possible to lift the chin length and even reduce it.


What is Cheek prosthesis?

The shape and structure of the cheek bone have a fundamental role in the appearance and beauty of the person. As the age grows, the texture of the species appears to fall. Using the prosthetic of the skin helps to rejuvenate your face and also maintain the shape and shape of the face with the help of angles and shapes.


What Cheek prosthesis can do?

– Individuals who have the shape of the species make their faces flat, the prosthesis can enhance the fit and shape of the facial.

-For individuals whose species is not prominent, the species’s prosthesis can modify the species structure.

– Rejuvenate and rejuvenate the species.

– If a variety of reasons are out of symmetry for a variety of reasons or a serious injury to the bone has occurred, the prosthesis is a desirable option.

– The prosthesis can give you a way to fit your taste and desire to achieve the beauty of your face.

Recovery after the cheek prosthesis

Prosthetic implantation of the cheeks is performed by local anesthetic under sterile conditions. Depending on how the prosthesis is placed, no injuries will be left on your face from inside the mouth. Swelling and bruising is normal for one week after surgery. After that, the permanent and final result is visible.


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