Glasses after nose surgery

Glasses after nose surgery

After nasal surgery, nasal spray should not be inserted into the nose as it may lead to a change in the form and shape of the nose and to cause pain on the nasal bridge. Glasses is one of the things that can cause pressure on the nose.

the first week after surgery, which still has a splint (plastic or gypsum plaster) on the nose, will not stop, because the weight of the glasses will enter the splint and its pressure will not be placed on the nose.

But then at least at least one month should not be used with glasses.

Advice for people who have weak eyes and who intend to perform nasal surgery:

If you want to do eye surgery or LASIK, we advise you to do it before the surgery, otherwise it would be advisable to contact the lens and use a lens instead of a lens after the surgery.

If you can not use the lens for any reason, you can stick glasses with glue to your forehead or use eye protection to protect the nose to prevent pressure on your nose.


Eyeglasses that are used for nasal congestion after nasal surgery are a lightweight device that you use like a small cap and the hook embedded in it will allow you to wear glasses without any collision with your nose Be used.


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