Who is the right candidate for rhinoplasty?


Apparent nose conditions

The first condition that you become a candidate for cosmetic surgery is that your nose is apparently problematic, and this is confirmed by the people around you and your doctor.

There are many people who do not need to act beautifully and do this in principle to resolve their own deficiencies such as lack of confidence.

For this reason, it is advisable for these people to first consult a psychologist before doing any beauty treatments.


Surgical age appropriate

The proper age for nose and throat surgery is when nasal congestion is complete.

This age is in boys aged 15 to 17 and in girls aged 14 to 16 (approximately three years after the onset of a menstrual period).

There is no limitation in the elderly, and if a person is mentally and physically in health, he can take nasal surgery.



Physical and mental health

Having a healthy physical health will shorten the postoperative recovery and result in a more favorable outcome.

One of the important points is the non-use of tobacco, because smoking consumes the repair process and prevents the desired outcome.

It can also be a problem for the anesthetist.

People with mental and psychological problems such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and lack of self-confidence will not be suitable candidates for cosmetic surgery.

One needs to have reasonable and realistic expectations of cosmetic surgery, including nasal surgery.

A person who, after nose surgery, is expecting a miracle and a change in life, is not a good candidate.


 Skin type

The skin type will be effective as a result of the action. Medium thick skin has the best conditions for nasal surgery.

At the same time, the skin that has very little or too much thickness is the worst condition for nasal surgery.

Elasticity and elasticity of the skin are two of the most important cases that can affect the outcome.


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