Care before nose surgery

Preoperative nose care : Avoid taking any unnecessary drug two weeks prior to surgery. Discontinue medications such as aspirin, prophron, vitamin E two weeks before surgery. If you take any medicine under the supervision of a doctor, let me know. In the morning or before surgery, be sure to bathe and men shave your face. [...]

Marwan Cosmetic Surgery from Netherlands by Dr. Amin Amali

Marwan from Netherlands traveled to Iran for have 4 Cosmetic Surgery  by Dr. Amin Amali. Marwan  from  Netherlands chose Dr. Amin Amali after searching alot for a reliable doctor for his Cosmetic Surgery and was traveled to Iran for have 4 Cosmetic Surgery  by Dr. Amin Amali. Surgereis performed: secondary rhinoplasty  belpharoplasty  browlift Boccal Fat [...]

Who is the right candidate for rhinoplasty?

Who is the right candidate for rhinoplasty?   Apparent nose conditions The first condition that you become a candidate for cosmetic surgery is that your nose is apparently problematic, and this is confirmed by the people around you and your doctor. There are many people who do not need to act beautifully and do this […]

Glasses after nose surgery

Glasses after nose surgery After nasal surgery, nasal spray should not be inserted into the nose as it may lead to a change in the form and shape of the nose and to cause pain on the nasal bridge. Glasses is one of the things that can cause pressure on the nose. the first week […]

Nose adhesive method after surgery

After nasal nose surgery, postoperative care is important. If this care does not work well, it can prevent the desired outcome and sometimes force the person to re-operate. The care that should be taken after careful nose surgery is to adhere to the correct method. There are many questions about nasal glue, such as how […]

When can I fly after nose surgery?

The most commonly used cosmetic surgery in Iran is nasal surgery, and on this basis, Iran has the first rank in this regard. Due to the high knowledge of our experts and the low cost of surgery in Iran, many of our patients and clients are from abroad who are entering Iran to carry out […]