Cosmetic Surgery in Iran

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Iran is known worldwide as a world-renowned cosmetic surgery facility due to its skilled doctors and medical facilities and many patients travel to Iran for surgery every year.
Cecilia, a Norwegian patient who traveled to Iran to undergo cosmetic surgery by Dr. Amin Amali. Watch this video to find out why people risk dying to travel thousands of kilometers around the world to come to Iran, and to be treated under the capable hands of Dr. Amin Amali.
After much searching among European and Iranian doctors, Cecilia selected Dr. Amin Amali as his surgeon and traveled to Iran to undergo surgery.

In the video, Cecilia talks about her sweet experience of traveling to Iran and her satisfaction with surgery by Dr. Amin Amali.

Surgery performed by Dr. Amin Amali for Cecilia:

Chin prosthesis

Brow lift

Photo Gallery


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