Nose surgery in less than 10 minutes

One of the frequent questions we are asked about is the non-surgical methods of cosmetic procedures such as filler injection and thread suture, etc. All of which are discussed around the world as non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Non-surgical methods for nose cosmetic procedures (non-surgical rhinoplasty)

Usually, the results are limited and short-term. For example, in a person who has a recess in a part of the nose, this filling will be eliminated by filler injection. But all fillers have longevity. And after being absorbed for a while, the person returns to their original state.


Nose Surgery or Non-Surgical Procedures?

Another thing is that people who use these non-surgical procedures and then go for surgery, their surgeries are often due to the fibrous tissue that is formed and sometimes the infections caused by the injection are more severe than other surgeries. Is.

As a surgeon, we recommend nose surgery because surgery produces long-lasting results for the individual. And its complications are much less than non-surgical procedures.

Non-surgical alternatives to secondary surgery

In some cases, there is very little asymmetry after nasal surgery. This asymmetry can be resolved by injecting valid fillers and rescuing the individual from surgery. These are more commonly used but are not recommended as primary surgery.

Rhinoplasty – nose surgery

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