Dear Magidah from Australia who traveled to Iran to undergo revision rhinoplasty by Dr. Amin Amali. Magidah has long followed Dr. Amin Amali’s portfolio through his website and instagram, and with a great deal of research, With confidence in Dr. Amin Amali, has chosen him as his surgeon to perform rhinoplasty and breathing problems. And her nose beauty traveled to Iran by Dr. Amali. In this video Magidah explains the experience of this journey and her surgery.

revision rhinoplasty is performed when the patient has had surgery or surgery before and has a complication. In fact, revision surgery is a correction of the complications of past surgeries.

revision rhinoplasty is not a minor correction and sometimes a reconstruction of the nose. During the consultation sessions, the patient is told that it may be possible to remove the cartilage from the ear, ribs, skull bone, and so on, which we call autograft. That is, substances that are taken from their own body are definitely preferable.

Whether other materials can be used, other people’s cartilage that is irradiated and available in the market, and a series of man-made materials, can also be used as a second priority.

We tell the patient that this should be his first and last act. Certainly the tissue to be taken from the patient’s own body is preferable because the body is more adaptable to it.

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