Revision Rhinoplasty – Secondary nose Surgery

Revision Rhinoplasty (Secondary nose Surgery)

Revision Rhinoplasty is performed when the patient has had surgery or surgeries before and has a complication. In fact, reconstructive surgery is a correction of the complications of past surgeries. To say the complication is very important is that many patients who refer to us do not have a complication and want to undergo secondary surgery.

A very important cause of this problem is a problem with the initial consultation with the patient during primary surgery. In other words, the patient did not live up to what he had expected from the initial surgery.

Over 80-70% of the patients who refer us for reconstructive surgery do not in our opinion need it. Because it’s not a complication. For example, there is a small hunch that can be removed by us or the primary surgeon. Secondary surgeries are usually those that cause severe functional and cosmetic impairment to the patient.

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Revision Rhinoplasty is the toughest and most challenging cosmetic surgery in the whole body

There is a misconception in some patients that they think secondary surgery is easier than primary surgery; this is a misconception. According to the testimony of most cosmetologists worldwide, secondary nasal cosmetic surgery is the most difficult and challenging cosmetic surgery in the whole body. Because it is a highly visible area, the skin is relatively thin, it does not have very strong blood supply, especially after the first operation, it makes all of our work difficult. This is why the secondary operation is much more difficult than the primary operation.

Which doctor is best choice for Revision Rhinoplasty?

everyone can do this surgery, but basically people who are more experienced in early operations and have seen more visas from their patients have found out what causes these complications and how they can Treatment is, is a priority.

Consultation for revision surgery

Consultation for revision surgery patients is usually longer than primary rhinoplasty consultation, and sometimes takes several sessions to reach an understanding as a physician and as a patient. The patient has to tell us one by one the problems he is having. What’s wrong with his nose? How is it breathing? What seems to bother her in her appearance and she thinks she should be corrected? And we point out to each patient that these problems are in your nose and need to be corrected. Finally, we need to reach a common understanding between the patient’s expectations and expectations and what can be done for us.

An example of a Revision surgery is like a broken glass. We can fix it, but you shouldn’t expect an initial nose.

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What tissues do you use in revision nose surgery?

revision nose surgery  is not a minor correction, and sometimes a reconstruction of the nose. During the counseling sessions, the patient is told that it may be possible to remove the cartilage from the ear, ribs, skull bone, etc., which we call autograft. That is, substances that are taken from their own bodies are definitely preferable.

Can artificial grafts be used in revision nose surgery?

 Other people’s cartilage that is irradiated and available on the market and a number of man-made materials can also be used as a second priority.

We tell the patient that this should be his first and last act. Certainly the tissue to be taken from the body itself is more preferable because the body is more adaptable to it.

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