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Facial angulation methods

Facial angulation :

Tendency to beauty and having a better appearance, increases people’s self-confidence. Facial angulation cosmetic procedures are very popular among men and women. Because in Face angulation (face modeling), the posture of the face becomes V-shaped after the operation, which is very popular all over the world.

Facial Facial Facial angulation

Facial angulation causes facial beauty, skin rejuvenation, correction of nasal angle, removal of wrinkles and shaping the chin. In this operation, parts of the face such as the angle of the jaw, jaw lines, cheeks and chin, which play a key role in the beauty of the face, become more prominent to fit them better with the rest of the face. These components are highlighted in proportion and give a beautiful look to the face.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, this operation also has a therapeutic aspect and is used to treat people who have a problem in the jaw area during an accident or congenitally.

Who are the right candidates for face angulation?

People with these characteristics can be a good option for this action:

Wide jaw

Square jaw

Circular chin

Obese species

Lean species

People whose jawline has no angle.

Women whose jaws are masculine.

Who are not good candidates for face angulation?

People who have these features on their face are not a good option for this operation:

They have very thin or very fat faces.

They have sagging skin.

They have a small mandible.

They have a round and fat face.

They have small species.

They have big noses.

The chin is retracted.

They have obese necks.

The upper part of their face is narrower and smaller than the lower part.

Facial Facial Facial angulation

Facial angulation methods

Face angulation with gel injection

Gel injection is a non-surgical procedure that must be done with sufficient care and accuracy. Depending on what type of gel is used in this method, the shelf life of this method is between 6 to 36 months. The best type of gel is hyaluronic acid, which is compatible with the body. Disadvantages of gel injection include asymmetry in the face after injection, infection, bruising and swelling.

Facial angulation with Botox injections

This method is very suitable for people who have a square jaw and want the lower part of their face to look more elongated. In this method, Botox is injected into parts of the chin to make the chin look smaller. Botox injections are performed without surgery and the patient does not feel the slightest pain while doing it.

Facial angulation with fat injection

This method is one of the best ways to angle the face. In this method, excess fat is taken from one part of the body and after preparing the fat, it is injected into the areas of the face specified by the doctor.

Liposuction does not have any side effects and because it is taken from the body, it is compatible with the body and the problems that may occur in gel injections do not occur in fat injections. Injected fats usually last for several years.

Facial angulation with thread

This method is one of the most popular methods that causes lifting and lifting of the skin. The results of this method are immediate and visible. In this method, the doctor first determines the entry and exit areas of the thread on the patient’s face. Then, with thin and special needles, it inserts the threads into the desired parts and after leaving, it ties the threads and hides it under the skin. This method has no side effects and does not cause scars or scars on the face.


In this method, the doctor reduces the size of the jaw by cutting a part of the jaw bone, and if this part has large muscles, he pulls out parts of this muscle and sutures that part.

Care to be taken after facial angulation

Do not apply makeup for four hours after the operation.

Do not apply any pressure to the area for four hours after the operation.

Avoid chewing hard foods for a week.

Do not sleep on your stomach for two days after surgery.

Avoid strenuous exercise for one day after surgery.

Avoid going to saunas and spas for a week after surgery

Neck lift methods

Neck lift methods

Neck lift is one of the easy and fast rejuvenation methods that helps to rejuvenate and beautify people along with removing facial skin. If, after severe weight loss, the skin of the neck becomes loose or the skin loses its elasticity with age, the surgeon will remove the excess skin from the neck with a neck lift and remove the wrinkles by removing the remaining skin. Destroys. This is usually very durable and is the most effective way to lift and rejuvenate the neck skin.

Neck lift

Neck lift is a method that can be done with the least difficulty and difficulty, and depending on how much the person’s neck is wrinkled and sagging skin or excess fat tissue, the method of neck lift will be different. This procedure can also be done with lipomatics. In young people where the skin still retains its elasticity and there is only excess fat tissue, lipomatics can help reduce neck fat and slimming.

In the neck skin lifting method, excess skin and excess adipose tissue are removed. This can usually be done in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation techniques such as face and forehead lifts to double the effect.

What causes wrinkles on the face and neck?

The loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue due to aging causes wrinkles and sagging in the skin.

As the skin ages, its collagen production is reduced or stopped, so the elasticity of the skin is reduced and the result is sagging and wrinkling of the skin.

Accumulation of fat under the skin in some parts of the face and neck causes heaviness and sagging of the skin of the face and neck.

Who are the right candidates for a neck lift?

Lift and rejuvenation of the neck skin will be suitable for people between 30 and 70 years old who have the following problems:

Excess adipose tissue under the chin called gingivitis.

Excess fat under the skin of the neck

Wrinkles and sagging and sagging skin of the neck

Damage to the skin of the neck due to prolonged exposure to sunlight

Sagging neck skin after severe weight loss or lipomatous neck

Neck lift is suitable for those who have faced overweight problems. Because after gaining weight and enlarging the neck, if a person loses weight with the help of exercise and diet control, the skin of the neck will sag and some fat may still remain under the skin of the neck that the surgeon before Lifts the neck by lipomatic method.

In general, neck lift is an effective, reliable and hassle-free method that does not require a long recovery period. People have to wait several months for the swelling to be completely healed in order to achieve the right result and a well-shaped neck that fits their other organs.

Neck lift

Neck lift methods

Neck lift is not a complicated operation and usually takes between two and three hours. This operation can be performed under local anesthesia, but is often performed under general anesthesia, which is one of the two methods of anesthesia or anesthesia, depending on the age, general health and condition of the person and how much stress he may experience during the surgical procedure. Selects.

Neck lift is performed in two ways: lipomatic and surgical. The surgeon recommends the appropriate technique according to the cause. If the person is young and the skin of his neck has not yet lost its elasticity, but has extra fatty tissue in his neck, the lipomatic method is used. However, if the skin of the neck has become sagging and wrinkled due to aging, the surgeon will perform a neck skin lift and, if necessary, lipomatic with it.

The important thing about neck lift and its methods is to consult with a skilled and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon to determine the best neck lift method for you with sufficient knowledge and experience, and to use the best technique when performing the lifting operation. To take.

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