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Over projected nose surgery

Over projected nose is one of the problems of the nose that many people who want to have nasal cosmetic surgery want to remove. This is unpleasant for many women, as well as large nose is unpleasant for many men.

جراحی قوز بینی

Over projected nose surgery

When a patient has a long over projected tip it can make the nose look larger especially from the side profile. When talking about tip projection we refer to how far forward the nose is from the face.

The goal in rhinoplasty for an overly projected nasal tip is to bring the tip of the nose closer to the face (deprojection of the nasal tip) while maintaining proportion with the remainder of the nose and face. As noted above, the bridge height is often times excessively high in patients with an overly projected nasal tip. Therefore, it is frequently necessary to reduce the bridge height while bringing the nasal tip in closer to the face.

What causes an over projected nose?

The main cause of this tip is overgrowth of the tip cartilages or overgrowth of the septum that pushes the tip cartilages out.

جراحی قوز بینی

Rhinoplasty For An Over Projected Nose

over projected nose is caused by overgrowth of the bone or cartilage of the nose, to correct the nasal cartilage, the nasal cartilage and bone are carefully and finely shaved to achieve the desired arch. This way the over projected tip is removed and the angle between the lips and nose is corrected. It is a misconception that some people think that after shaving the nose the extra skin should also be removed, while the skin covering the nose after removal. The nasal bridge collapses and adapts to the new nasal framework.

Occasionally, excessive fractures of the forehead to the nose make the nose appear larger than the actual size. At this time, the surgeon uses a special graft called the Radix graft. Radix graft is a cartilage cut from the patient’s nasal septum, which is placed in the upper part of the nasal bridge near the middle of the two eyes, which helps maintain the normal nasal arch.

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