Botox Injection

Botox Injection : Over time and with age, the skin gradually relaxes and becomes depressed and wrinkles appear on different parts of the face and neck. In recent years, various products have been introduced to eliminate wrinkles and facial lines, but Botox has become a very popular and popular method.

Botox injection as a non-surgical process is a very effective technique for restoring vitality and youthfulness. The important thing about Botox injections is that it is done by a specialist physician, even when it is done as a cosmetic procedure.

تزریق بوتاکس

Botox injection into the facial and neck muscles removes excessive tension and pressure. As a result, the skin becomes smoother and the wrinkles caused by muscle cramps are eliminated. Botox injection is accompanied by a slight pain sensation, so no need for anesthesia. This whole simple process doesn’t take a few minutes. It may take about one to two weeks for Botox to fully exert its effect on muscles and skin.

The effect of Botox injection lasts about 4-6 months. Over time, the muscles regain their former function, resulting in a re-appearance of the folds and lines. However, by repeating the Botox injection process, its effect becomes more durable, as the muscles become accustomed to being relaxed and not over-stressed.

What are the Benefits of Botox Injection?

Botox injection is used both for cosmetic aspects and as a treatment for some muscular and neurological problems:

Reduce wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, lines between the eyebrows, neck, cheeks, nose and around the mouth

Resolving some eye muscle problems caused by neurological disorders, such as excessive blinking, eyelid cramping, and mismatches of the two eyes.

Sweating excessive sweating

Cure Some Migraine Cases

Relieve muscle cramps in the face and neck

Appearance of freshness and youthfulness; Your face may become tired, angry or upset due to the facial muscles and forehead lines and around the eyes. Botox injections are an effective way to eliminate the problem of enhancing the vitality and message of your face.

Important points about using Botox

It is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation

Avoid doing so if you are allergic to Botox injections.

Botox differs from facial fillers. Unlike fillers that fill facial wrinkles, Botox reduces wrinkles and lines by removing tension from the muscles under the skin.

Whenever Botox is injected, there should be no infection.

If painkillers and aspirin are used, stop using them with a doctor’s approval for two weeks before injecting Botox to reduce the risk of bruising.

دکتر امین آمالی

متخصص گوش، حلق و بینی، جراحی زیبایی بینی و صورت، جراحی اندوسکوپی بینی و سینوس، جراحی اختلالات خواب و فارغ‌التحصیل دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران بوده ، دوره تکمیلی در دانشگاه استنفورد آمریکا را گذرانده ، دانشیار دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران بوده و تجربه‌ ۱۵۰۰۰ عمل جراحی زیبایی و درمانی موفق را دارا می باشد.

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