Face Lift and Neck Lift

Over time and with age, the skin on the face and neck may become drooping. Wrinkles appear around the eyes and lines and wrinkles appear on the forehead. In the long run, sunlight can negatively affect the quality and color of your skin. These make your face lose its youthful, fresh look. Face and Neck Lift are effective and safe ways to reduce face and neck wrinkles and restore the vitality and youth of your appearance. Face and neck lifts can also be done separately, though their combined use plays a key role in achieving a brilliant result.

لیفت صورت و گردن

Benefits of face lift and neck lift

By removing excess facial and neck skin and tightening its muscles, it promotes facial and neck shapes such as the chin and cheeks, thereby restoring the vitality and youth of your appearance.

As your face and neck wrinkles have a negative effect on your self-image, lifting your face and neck can enhance your self-esteem and increase your self-esteem.

With other beauty processes, such as Botox and Liposuction, they can be combined to restore lost volume or by removing excess fat to enhance facial shapes.

If your face and neck have become drooping after weight loss, face and neck lift is a good option.

لیفت صورت و گردن

After-care face lift and neck lift surgery

Facial or neck lifting can be performed with topical anesthesia, using painkillers or with general anesthesia. Depending on the type of operation and the aesthetic processes involved, it takes about 2 to 5 hours. The number of cuts and their location can vary with each lift depending on the circumstance and the lifting process.

It should be noted that with regard to the procedure and subsequent recovery period, people who choose face or neck lifting need to have pre-operative physical health and fitness.

Postoperative edema and Swelling are common. In the first few days after surgery, painkillers are used to relieve pain. A few days after surgery, the sutures return. You can return to work about a week after surgery. You are advised to avoid strenuous physical activity one month after surgery. Wounds and cuts will be gone shortly afterwards and will not be recognizable. The final results of a face or neck lift are achieved when the bruising and swelling effects are completely eliminated. Your final appearance will be significantly younger after lifting.

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